Full-Time RVing, and What You Should Know

Ever wondered what is it like to live in an RV? There has been plenty said about it, especially since many people are intrigued by the mobility and freedom it affords. As much as it sounds all fascinating — and it actually is — the RV lifestyle is a full responsibility in itself and should not be taken lightly.

If you are seriously considering living in an RV full-time, take note of these important points.

Change Your Mindset

Living in an RV is a completely different experience from living in an actual home. It’s very mobile, so you have to have the endurance for long drives, and the space is going to be severely limited, so you will have to significantly downsize your belongings. You can only bring enough to fit into your RV, and even then, you can’t stuff it fully, otherwise there wouldn’t be enough space to move around comfortably.

The sooner you get used to this particular idea, the less resistance you will have; therefore, the more enjoyable the experience will be.

Balance Preparedness With Flexibility

How much fuel are you going to spend in a day? How safe and secure are the locations you intend to stop in? These are important logistical details, so determine them beforehand.

Plot a general itinerary to follow, and identify the locations where you will camp out and for how long. Find out how close you are to necessary establishments, such as supply stores, groceries, and urgent care centers that you can go to in case of an emergency.

At the same time, be open to sudden changes in plans. Sometimes being too prepared can lead to even more stress because you’ve already limited your options.

The secret to a truly enjoyable and successful RV lifestyle is knowing when to let go of the reins and go with the flow. There will be detours and obstacles. And sometimes, you won’t be able to stick to your timetable. Don’t worry too much about it. At the very least, your itinerary will still be there to continue being your guide along the way.

Keep Hustling

It used to be that RV life was thought to be ideal only for retirees, but nowadays, younger folks are getting into it because of the appeal of having freedom and mobility. This, however, does not mean freedom from responsibilities.

The good thing about getting into the RV life today is that you can do so while at the same time continuing with your career. Especially now that there are plenty of online or remote work options, you’ll only need a stable internet connection. It’s even possible for you to have a full-time corporate job while going around in your RV!


RV living is fun and exciting, but there are also very serious considerations that you must factor in before deciding to go for it. With these helpful tips, you can be well on your way to having a truly enjoyable and fulfilling RV life.

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